Terms of Agreement

General Terms

Your use of PHPVibe’s products, services and/or web site is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between the user (you) and Interact.Software*
* – personal business (developers team, not a company)
As a result, by using our products, services or website, you agree with all the following terms.
As a PHPVibe customer you strongly agree to respect this agreement!
Breaking the agreement will result in a void license and immediate cancellation of any existing customer benefits including licensing, product functionality, updates, support and/or private access to our community.


We strive to keep our products as premium as possible, due to the competition on the niche we try to give our clients an advantage by making our products unavailable at low prices.
We believe in equality and do not offer individual discounts to any potential buyer.


Purchasing any of our products implies that:
– You have read and agreed to this terms in full.
– You know how to operate a php script of this complexity.
– You have setup a server/hosting account that meets in full the requirements.
– You agree to the limited time free support terms and all terms in this document.
– You acknowledge that you are buying from a team of developers (freelancing team) and not a company.

Licensing and website rights

– PHPVibe requires a license key for every domain you wish to install the script on. This key is periodically validated against our servers.
– Once purchased and installed on your domain the responsibilities, rights, copyrights, and liability is exclusively yours, except for redistribution rights.
– You can sell your website to somebody, our permission is not needed in any way!
– Re-selling PHPVibe is strictly prohibited!
– Removing the footer copyright is strictly prohibited unless you get this permission by buying the cms’s official plugin for re-branding/copyright removal.


Product updates are lifetime free as of July 2017.

Bugs and faulty builds

Bugs are a part of every software’s life and the bug squashing work is complicated.
Bugs can be globally confirmed (for every environment) or client-side only (caused by server configuration and missing modules).
We fix bug as soon as they are reported.
To ensure a steady product we include multiple builds (previous versions) in the zip file.


– We respect everyone’s privacy and we expect the same in return.
– Emails sent by PHPVibe (including their attachments) cannot be shared by the intended recipient unless stated otherwise by our team.
– We reserve the right to store information on every client and share sensitive information with PayPal in events of disputes. The purpose is to help them identify real/solid cases of accounts hacking.

Customer Support

Customer support is not included as part of your purchase. Your payment is for the product, and product only.
Interact.Software does not obligate to offer or maintain support by this contract, but just to maintain and develop the product you are buying.
Limited time professional support in english or romanian is provided for free under specific terms. Support average answer times may vary from a few hours to up to 21 days in upgrade or vacation periods.
Option to increase your support time (if required) is available in the store.
Customer support helps with our builds, and our builds alone (coding, not hosting).


By purchasing any of our products or services you agree to fully understand and agree with our Terms of service. We’re always available for pre-purchase discussions and we strive to provide as much info and demos as possible to demonstrate the functionality of our products before you make the purchase.
If you don’t understand how our products work, please contact us first.
Our software is sold ‘as-is’ without warranties or conditions of any kind, products used as parts of our cms (players, etc) are supported (or not! Please check their website) and developed by their developer(s), we will update them as soon as updates are available.
We cannot be held responsible if you damage our product while attempting to modify it or use it for another purpose than originally intended.

Fraudulent Orders

We don’t tolerate any fraudulent attempts of accessing our data, products or services.
Fraudulent orders are always reported to the authorities. We perform background searches, log analysis and collaborate with the payment processors and ISP service provides. Fraudulent orders are considered felony crimes that are aggressively prosecuted in the criminal justice system.
A person who is convicted of fraud may face incarceration, punitive fines, restitution, probation, community service, and other penalties.
Because of the high rate of fraud from certain countries we reserve the right to sandbox payments for a period of 24-72h in case your fraud rate score at PayPal is higher than 70%.

Illegal customer activities

We reserve the right to terminate any licenses or services we may provide to customers that were found to be sharing our product(s) (partly or in full) with warez communities or any such entities.
An active participation to discussions about our products in these kind of forums can also result in an invalid license and suspended customer rights. We take an active role in preventing piracy and we cannot tolerate such activities from our customers.


We sell digital services and software. This products cannot be returned, and once bought and downloaded they remain the client’s.
By this legal agreement that applies across our entire software network you reserve us the right to decline any refund request based on a change of heart or other reason!
Our products do not benefit from a ‘money back guarantee’, we sell exactly what we showcase and expect every new client to check the presentations and demo before buying!
Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products we do not offer a refund policy of any kind.
Meaning: All sales are final!

However! You are free to sell your account on the store to a 3rd party if you have decided to not use this product(s).

Account cancellation

To protect your best interest and prevent any abuse, we reserve the right to record all the actions that take place in our Customer Area, the recording may include sensitive device data and different identity data in order to protect every sale and identify the true payer and user.
This data can and will be shared with PayPal and/or your Bank.
In case of an open claim at PayPal the account will be automatically canceled in the next 72 hours.
Upon PayPal’s decision the account will not be reinstated as the account has already broken the terms of service.
Account are reinstated only in the event of an claim removal in the first 72 hours.
If the account is canceled by our system, there is nothing we will do for you anymore!
Note: Our products are sold in thousands of copies so far and our PayPal claims rate is lower than 0,007%.

Service cancellation

Support cancellation:
You waive your rights to customer support if you continue to deliberately refuse to respect our terms of service or community guidelines.
PayPal claims and chargebacks:
– Software licensing cancellation : In the event of software licensing cancellation the PHPVibe administration will fully lock-down. The store account will be removed, the domains used (or ever used) for licensing will be banned, the PayPal email(s) will be banned in the entire Interact.Software range of products.
Note: This will also not be reinstated in the event of an chargeback of claim won from our side at PayPal.
We have no way to validate that you are an honest buyer or an software hacker.

Final Note

PHPVibe reserves the right to update its terms of service at any time. We always post the date of the last change and we invite all our customers to visit this page at least twice a year.

Enjoy our products and services.

If you have any questions please use the contact methods available on the website.

IMPORTANT: Change of ownership (1st of April 2018)

Note: We can’t offer invoices at the moment, but we are working on registering a company to manage this project.

Last updated: 3/04/2018; Reason : Change of ownership