Removing the Youtube logo from player

8 Sep 2014


  • I don’t think that we should remove youtube logo , because If we are using their videos in our site then they also have some rights to get some thing from you, Even if any one will embed your site videos and you would not like if that person removed your logo and place his own or not ,

    So I don’t think that youtube logo in youtube videos creating so much problems,
    Any way everyone has its own thinkings,

  • Plays Vid says:

    Yeah right there is no need to remove youtube logo if that one is being used by their using there embed code then that is the right.

    • @PHPVibe says:

      Hi! No need but a lot of interest in this. However we try to keep things legal.
      There are web solutions, but unsure and illegal, not sure how you can build something durable and solid based on cheating.

  • Mark says:

    Use JULBUL to remove youtube logo. I’m using this tool with 100% accuracy!

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