What’s New

Recent changes & upgrades


15 January 2018

We’ll be undergoing some technical, pricing and business changes to offer a better product and better services to PHPVibe’s clients.
PHPVibe v6 will have the codename “ONE” signifying the first release crafted with at Interact.Software..
Upgrades from v5 to v6 will be free. Upgrade free policy will remain untouched.

3 December 2017

InteractSoftware successfully acquired MediaVibe, PHPVibe and the 11,628 clients portfolio.
A new beginning for PHPVibe in a young and strong team of development.

7 August 2017

Spicy v5.5 – Providers fix
+ Good Vibes update for Spicy 5.5

27 July 2017

PHPVibe 5.94 – Fixed thumbnails for no-token shares.

26 July 2017

RTL Git created – Feel free to contribute (Thank you Mr Ridha Rezzag!).
Spicy v5.4 – Redtube downloader upgrade

24 July 2017

Vimeo Importer v4 – fully upgraded.
+ Vimeo API upgrade
+ Compatibility with PHPVibe 5, 5.9 series.
PHPVibe 5.93 – Reworked patch to also improve the rating system for video and music.

22 July 2017

PHPVibe 5.93One of the last upgrades of the 5th series
+ fixes “create album” link in single image
+ adds image resizing to lists
+ fixes ids showing on related images.
+ improves likes/dislikes
Variation Theme v3 – PHPVibe 5.9x compatible + new style upgrades.

19 July 2017

Due to vacation period support on Facebook won’t be available anymore. Please use our support email only for contact.

16 July 2017

Adult Content Warning – plugin released.
+ “Pulse” preloader is now in the pack.
+ “Colorful Dancing Bars” preloader is now in the pack.
Preloaders removed for not being fully compatible with 5.9

14 July 2017

PHPVibe 5.92 – tiny fixes
+ Includes jwplayer’s assets under music.
+ Fixes 3 pagination links (removes old format, adds the new one)
+ Changes Google’s reCaptcha to use CurlPost, as default method fails for some.

13 July 2017

Terms of service change : Removed paid upgrades. From now on all major upgrades will be released free, no matter how old the purchase is!
VideoSlider v2 – improves the plugin
Spicy v5.1 – Tube8 iframe id fix

12 July 2017

Spicy v5 – massive check and upgrade for the plugin
+ Reintroduced direct link to Redtube videos, extended the feature to Pornhub.
+ Rechecked all sources, recoded them to grab details.
BlackHub v2 – Full upgrade for the theme. Now compatible with PHPVibe v5.9+

11 July 2017

PHPVibe 5.91
+ Fixes NSFW and create playlist links.
+ Adds a protection to multiple clicking on dislike.

10 July 2017

PHPVibe v5.9 – major upgrade
! When upgrading please remove :section from url formats in Settings->Permalinks !
Adds or changes:
+ User activate account by e-mail
+ Ban user
+ Easier user management directly from media manager
+ Plupload
+ Plupload custom design
+ Multiple thumbnails generator
+ Jquery, Bootstrap and plugins updated
+ Players updated
+ Player plugins updated
+ Updated PHPVibe’s native ads & annotations for new players
+ VAST/VPAID/IMA Ads support for VideoJs
+ Reworked iframe embed
+ Added a custom generator for iframes from media’s page
+ Videos & music autoplay added
+ Gritter was removed and replaced
+ Youtube type suggestions reintroduced on general demand (setting to close it also)
+ Changed urls to “Nginx friendly”
+ Rtl.css got a first start (highly alpha stage and incomplete, please contribute)
+ Improved behavior on SSL
+ Improved likes & dislikes
+ Improved some visuals
+ Brought back the channel cover
+ Improved messaging
+ Introduced a new sharing plugin with counters
+ Added sharing to blog
+ My studio is now accessible for mobiles
+ Improved forms checking and validation
+ Improved video sharing
+ Improved image sharing
+ Split to tabs music upload and soundcloud sharing
+ Removed heavy query for guess next videos, moved choice to jquery visuals
+ Restyled channel page
+ Languages can now detect browser language and switch to it (if available)
+ Split video ads to own file (functions.videoads.php)
+ Improved full cache
+ Introduced shutdown options for autoplay and Youtube suggestions
+ Removed base path settings for permalinks (Now the cms detects it directly, it will improve folder setups)
+ Added option to ban/unban user in admin’s channel management
+ Improved edit video on both frontend and admin (Multi-Thumbnail selection introduced)
+ Improved ffmpeg logging and log readability
+ Css changes to the admin menu
+ Improved videocron (multi-thumbs added)
+ Improved default .sql file to work with mysql in safe mode
+ Improved HashIDs (Added protections for numeric encodings)
+ Introduced speed menu for Flowplayer
+ Updated jsPlayer’s Youtube design

Earlier in 2016

PHPVibe v5, everything has changed for the better!
+ Bootstrap 3 design
+ Jquery 1.x latest
+ Latest js libraries
+ Conversations between users
+ Better mobile adaptability
+ Players updated to latest version
+ Images with the beautiful and very in style Grid-a-licious
+ Homepage has a bigger blocks variations including channels, playlists, images carousel, images grid-a-licious
+ Media can now be restricted to followers only
+ Channel has been redesigned
+ Categories are now side-part of a browsing list (classy, check them out!)
+ Better security
+ Bugfixes and more…much much more!