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Rafael Q  June 06, 2018, 09:28:40 PM

MediaVibe CMS - Update 6.15

+ Improved mobile adaptability
+ Compatibilized with Samsung Internet Browser (Android default in Samsungs)
+ Improved Autoplay (Removed watched from autoplay next without excluding the watched videos)
+ Added a fixed video play for mobiles (like Youtube’s native app)
+ Improved embed component (Fixed function not found in console)
+ Replaced some material icons for Samsung IB’s
+ Changed PremiumHub to a 4/4 grid on larger devices
+ Added option to turn off Premium
+ Added option to enable or disable admin pin (fixed pin not changing)
+ Visual improvements in the main css style
+ Fixed video files not being deleted
+ Fixed videos not being deleted from search
+ Improved edit block for v6
+ Improved “Not admin” message
+ Fixed icons on header not showing on some mobiles
+ Fixed header showing in 2 lines on some mobiles
+ Fixed ajax doubling ul on related video list


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