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ZordonX  October 04, 2018, 09:00:42 PM

I would like to use your CSS styles and some HTML to create an video app/site on ZeroNet - the decentralized website platform. Apps on ZeroNet can only run JavaScript in the browser, no PHP - so I am not interested in any of your backend code.
I plan to publish the source code of my app on Github.

From what I see your license is very restrictive and wouldn't allow such a use? Can you please grant me a different license upon payment for your CMS? The license should allow me to re-use your HTML + CSS (only!).
Of course I would link to phpvibe as the source of the style, so you will get some attention and potential customers.
Since ZeroNet is not accessible in the normal web (meaning not without installing their client) it's not a competitor to PHPVibe. I do not have any plans to monetize/sell my app.

What are your thoughts? Wouldn't this be cool? ;)
Feel free to ask me more questions about it.


Rafael Q  November 02, 2018, 08:24:13 PM


As I know that is licensed to an envato developer, that css kit is from his admin template, and I saw an 1700 usd invoice for that.

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