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Rafael Q  June 04, 2018, 07:57:03 PM

There's been a lot of heat at sales because of some things I wish to adress:

1. PHPRevolution/Old MediaVibe's clients have kept us responsive for some promises we where not even aware of
 :confused: Personally I wasn't even aware PHPVibe existed until this January (that's 2018). Just never needed a video cms before (my passion is photography, yes, I now use MV for my portofolio), never thought I'm gonna work on one.
We don't know what the plans or the promises of the old owners were BUT we're more than happy to hear what they've promised, maybe we'll get some ideas  ;D
Just please don't pin those promises on us!
We've received support and domains after the release of MediaVibe v6, that's april 2018!
We have no access to previous PayPal or support(?) email.

2. << MediaVibe and PHPVibe should have been rewritten from scratch for v6 >>
I hear this a lot! But..Why?  :confused: They've rebuild the CMS a few versions back. The frame is stable. Not sure why that would have been necessary.
Just thinking about it makes me realised they would have been released in 2019 if so much work was put into them.

3. << You should offer support >>
PHPRevolution didn't offer support, WE DO!  Just use (and not the sale's email)
I'm ready to answer any questions about us or the products that you may have!
3.1 << Support should be always free >>
No, for sure no! That's what made the previous owners want to invest in Wp themes and let go of the CMS platforms.
We've felt this taking this, hundreds of mails from people who brought in 2013  :o one even asked for his money back cause we didn't want to give him a free upgrade (after 5 years  :o)
Support should be as it is : initially free and then paid.
Most things could be solved by a simple Google search, you put a price on support people start searching, you don't : they ask you! Too much support means few to no development for small coding groups.

4. We don't have a website  :rolleyes:
Interact.Software indeed it not developed. We're not sure what it's going to be. Our initial plan was to come on the market with some small little scripts (like VibeJs, initially called VjSlim, my teammate built specially for the old owners).
Right now with one very appreciated CMS on our hands things are changing quickly. Specially we barely have any time  :-\

5. << MediaVibe is not a huge improvement from PHPVibe v5 >>
I'm not sure what "huge improvement" means (But I am ready to listen  :)) ), most concurrents fix a thing and call it an upgrade, v6 has hundreds of files changed. And that says it all.
Some features are still planned but honestly I think the CMS is pretty much maxed-out in features.

6. << It should have multi-server / plugin >>
Agreed, but it's a new tech we are experimenting with. You'll have it soon.

The forums are not intended for support! There is Dedicated support available.
The troubleshooting can help a lot!

inY2K  July 14, 2018, 10:11:51 AM

Some things that I am sure you have probably heard before
  • Allow members to change their email
  • Allow for Amazon S3 files storage
  • Work on new themes. Maybe something that doesn't just change the colors
  • Make sure plugins are updated along with the main core. A lot of sites depends on those plugins and once they update, the site break
  • Work on implementing an API so that mobile apps can be developed on top of Mediavibe. People are accessing site on their phones now a day, it's a fact!
  • Don't say that the CMS is maxed out. There is always room for improvement :)


Rafael Q  July 18, 2018, 12:33:05 AM

Hi! Thank you for your suggestions.
6. On a website yes, but products depends on markets and this market is in a downfall. The cms needs to provide you with a startpoint, not the final website.

The forums are not intended for support! There is Dedicated support available.
The troubleshooting can help a lot!