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spirog  April 22, 2016, 06:54:14 AM

DeadFish.... asked this question....

Been having an issue with this for some time. Been trying to change/remove the Limit for the playlist on the main left side panel menu. It was when I tried to add additional Playlists. That we noticed that no more appeared after the 100th one. We could still create playlists. Yet they were not viewable on the public page after reaching 100. We wanted to go about resolving this. Also, wondered if it had a scroll feature if it reach the bottom portion of the page. Sort of like what Youtube does. In order to see all the Subscribers you have. Yet in our case Playlists.

@Mario replied...

You are looking for tpl/main/sidebar.php

$plays = $db->get_results("SELECT * FROM ".DB_PREFIX."playlists where owner= '".user_id()."' and picture not in ('[likes]','[history]','[later]') order by title asc limit 0,100");

Change 100 at the end with the value you desire.

DeaFish Replied....

This code no longer works for v5, so how do I perform this on the current side bar. Site:


spirog  April 22, 2016, 06:57:45 AM


did you try and change the value only.. not the whole line of code ??
in sidebar.php

there are 2 areas that have 100 try and change just the number--- one area to 10 or 20 then clear cache then try again...

I think its the same.. You are looking for tpl/main/sidebar.php


@Mario  April 22, 2016, 04:02:06 PM

limit 0,100

Only this affects the number of results

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