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ajmax2014  July 14, 2014, 09:10:30 AM

 Hello Admits
 Currently I have different Video sharing  script and been looking for something new unique design and so far I found PHPvibe,  I really liked this Script and thinking about  to purchase, I just dived in to the Admit panel and start discovering  whats under the hood and  found out it is missing very important future  for  video upload path doesn't  have  cloud storage  option so we can enter the FTP credentials and store the  files  there, so when the user upload the files it will be on the cloud. This is very crucial. For example has unlimited uploads on anything for $75 for 5 user accounts. Even Google drive offers pretty good deals too I actually have both. I am not sure  why don't you guys  have not integrate this futures.soon this future will be available I am ready to purchase the script.

PS  Another crucial  future I have  not seen here is Image URL option ( external images  from elsewhere to be embedded for the  uploaded videos. In this way user don't have to make thumbnails and then upload on the server,  it can be loaded from external URL.


Alexander  July 28, 2014, 02:38:37 PM

Hi, cloud storage is on our mind, but it's not an easy thing, we're still experimenting, it will be in the script someday, can't say when exactly.
For link to image, that's an easy thing.