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[Video CMS v4]All My Video Plays using FlowPlayer, JPlayer and JwPlayer failing within 1 min.  (Read 628 times) Print

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PHPClient  December 30, 2014, 05:30:38 AM

Hi there!

All my uploaded videos using JPlayer, JwPlayer and FlowPlayer work for 1 minute or less of playtime and then they each crash, requiring a restart.

1st I thought it was just JwPlayer that was the issue, but then I noticed it was happening with all the rest of them.

Attached is the error message using FlowPlayer.  Everything loads-up and plays fine for 1 minute and then an error code generates.



PHPClient  December 30, 2014, 07:49:25 AM


It looks like the issue comes from the Wireless Internet connection.

My site does not function (stream uploaded videos) unless there is an AMAZINGLY strong wireless connection.  If there's just a slight disturbance in the flow of data, the players crash.

I need a solution to this......Would it be possible to increase the amount of data that is pre-loaded in the "stream" (maybe in stream.php) to compensate for times where wireless signal fluctuates?  This way, in the event of a disturbance in wireless or wired ethernet data feed, the player has already pre-loaded 30sec to 1min of play footage?

I hope I'm making some type of sense in my idea.  ;D



@Mario  January 07, 2015, 07:54:32 PM

I've never heard of or bumped into this.
The players preloads the video, is the way all html5 videos work.
Indeed, they are sensitive to connexion loosing.

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