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You can find the information in the section Buying; How to and Issues

Latest prices are always available in our Store.

You can check the websites we have setup for testing purpose in the 'Demos' section .

You can also test the admin panel live.

A downloadable demo is not available due to the licensing of included commercial components.

PHPVibe does not use any framework like 'Lavaral' or others.

It uses a structure similar to Wordpress, which can be easily edited by any beginner developer.

For more info please visit a few tutorials and coding tips

We do offer support.

Although at times this can be very slow. But we update our troubleshooting with all the issues that may occur in order to help clients solve them very fast and do not depend on human help

Read the documentation included in the .zip or the installation tutorial.

PHPVibe should work in any server or hosting as long as it has the requirements.
You should always ask your hosting for a test account, to avoid unpleasant restrictions that may block PHPVibe from functioning right!
If you are looking for a VPS/Dedicated this page can guide you.

More tips in server setup.

FFMPEG is optional. But without it you cannot convert uploaded videos, extract duration and thumbnails.

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