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MediaVibe CMS : Premium videos, payments, new Youtube inspired design and more…

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Quick overview of the


Video upload
With ffmpeg conversion (support all the major video formats), thumbnail extraction, duration calculator OR without ffmpeg (web playable formats only) with manual inputs.
FFMPEG commands editor
No more need to edit code to run custom ffmpeg commands. You can enable qualities and assign a custom ffmpeg video conversion command for each quality directly from the admin panel.
Video qualities
(easy to use & with player support / on demand switchable)
Video sharing
Easy share videos by just their link, edit details as needed. Popular websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and more are supported.
The video cms will pull the details (video thumbnail, video duration, video text details) and pre-populate the share list for most sources.
Youtube importer
Youtube API v3 based mass-video importer (embed + all video details provided by Youtube). It’s awesome, smart and capable!
Youtube importer automated tasks
You can easily import videos from channels, playlists and searches you follow on Youtube without any manual effort. Just save them in the admin’s crons, run the server cron and it will check periodically for new videos (as setup) importing all the new favorite videos to your video website.
Likes, comments, categories, filtering lists, playlists, quick utilities.
All the major video players
available on the market are bundled. The industry leader JwPlayer and the new trending sensation, VideoJs, are accompanied by the established html5 player Flowplayer and jPlayer (with a fancy “Youtube-ish” design).
Channel / User profile
Image uploads with separated lists, filters, collections, comments, likes.
The beautiful gallery Gridalicious (common choice for new modern themes displaying masonry galleries) is powering the gallery design.
Music upload (mp3) and services (soundcloud), music lists, filters, comments, likes, playlists.
Internal activity tracking „a la Facebook“ offering some sense to visitors of what’s going on in their shares and community
User subscriptions
Facebook & Google logins
Facebook comments and local commenting system.
Social sharing of media
Related multimedia
Ads. Advertisement system
Work with banners, html, js code(like Google Adsense & other ad networks).
Video ads
Pre-roll, post-roll, over-video ads, players have individual plugins/services for in-video ads (VAST, IMA…).
Much more

We’ve built a modern cms with the versatile mix of features webmasters need.
We know the need for video uploading & conversion to multiple qualities, social video sharing, images and music is major.

  1. a modernVideo CMS

    Full range of features needed
    + unbeatable pricing.


The why…

…choose PHPVibe?

It’s useful, secure, complete


We’ve built PHPVibe as a modern video CMS, being tired of having to settle for limited features. Online videos are a growing and very profitable niche, we want to offer the tool that converts and attracts both traffic and revenue.
If you plan a video website for video uploads, video blog, corporate video platform or simply wish to own a piece of the wide video market, consider PHPVibe as your start point.
It has standard and included many of the features which around the web cost $$$ in plugins.
Bundled with html5 upload and ffmpeg conversion engines plus fast embeds from the top video sharing websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Vine.
A custom solid and open source framework inspired by WordPress powers the PHPVibe video and multimedia cms ready to backup your every fast coding needs.
How it started & how long ago?

  1. only 99

    Instant download, no monthly fees
    + 3 free extra domain licenses