WorldStarHipHop clone

19 Jul 2012

We had recently this proposal to create a WorldStarHipHop clone.

Upon checking WorldStarHipHop site we realised all the functions needed are already in phpVibe v3.

The only difference is the design. But that can be easilly achieved due to phpVibe v3’s easy to use template system.


I don’t really understand the design of WorldStarHipHop, what’s catchy, what’s so “hip” about this WorldStarHipHop css/html design…looks to me like it misses one css file 🙂 But just my opinion.


Anyways, back on topic, if you are looking for a WorldStarHipHop clone, check phpVibe v3, has all you need to develop your clone.






  • Rose says:

    It is not the design that is appealing, it’s the fact that the videos are organized by date not category and all the videos of the day are grouped together and the date is visible on each day… More like a video blog…. Can you do that with phpvibe?

  • Tarik says:

    Hi Mario,

    I have taken a look at PHPVibe and agree it can be used for a WorldStarhiphop clone. It only takes a few tweaks to make it more appealing. People don’t understand that most big websites have a team of developers to make custom changes. Rarely do websites come ready out of the box. Of course, there is always Elance or Freelancer if you need to find a custom solution.

    • @PHPVibe says:

      Hi! Yes, it does take changes, we don’t encourage using any software ‘as it is’, your website needs to have it’s own custom look and feel, uniqueness is important!
      We sell a platform, to achieve most features, not an end website, a difference people rarely understand.

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