Video Upload Troubleshooting

9 Sep 2014

Uploaded video not working on PHPVibe; Missing Video or/and Duration; FFMPEG debug

One of the most common issues when using PHPVibe for the first time is to see that your videos uploaded are not playable.

Do not worry!

Here is what you should do:

IF you don’t have ffmpeg, make sure you turn it off!

Else, if you have ffmpeg installed, and is the right version (1.0+) under Settings -> FFMPEG add you real paths for the ffmpeg command and the php bin.

If all this correct, your new videos should work fine and the thumbnail and duration is extracted + the video is converted to a playable mp4 and shows up properly.

Note: Old videos would need to be recreated.

What happens if this doesn’t fix it?

Download the PHPVibe tester from requirements and copy a file called test.avi to that folder (read the tester’s instructions).

The tester will output an error, this error is most probably the answer you seek, if you don’t understand it, post it in the the forum for a developer to check it and guide you.

Make sure in ff.php this line:

The ffmpeg command supported by your server
*/$ffmpegmd = "ffmpeg";

is edited to your ffmpeg command. Else it will just return that the ffmpeg executable is not found.


Video stuck on “processing”

Make sure you have:
– shell_exec() and exec() available on the server.
– Execute permissions on the videocron.php file (chmod 555 or similar).
(most common) the right php bin path for your server under Settings -> FFMPEG Conversion
You should contact your server administrator for your right path if you have no tech knowledge.

Also, to check the conversion and see if the issue resides in the bin path you can run in the browser, and check the video in a few minutes.
In some cases FFMPEG is getting killed by the system, for example when the server doesn’t have enough ram or resources for that ffmpeg operation.

See also:

FFMPEG installation for a video script

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  • if you use nginx as reverse proxy , you may change this value for large (big) file

    Change in Nginx config

    Add following line to http{..} block in nginx config:

    http {
    client_max_body_size 100m;

    Note: For very large files, you may need to change value of client_body_timeout parameter. Default is 60s.

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