PHPVibe Support

  • We take very seriously bugs and issues in our platform, and fix them as fast as they are reported.

    For help we offer this mail and fb messenger, and a community with forums accessible only to our clients for chit chat and help between clients.
    We answer there from time to time, if our community members don’t “beat us to it”, but this should not be taken as support, use the other options available..
    We do not offer “urgent support”, our support time is limited and sometimes it takes a bit (handling almost 10000 clients is not easy).
    We do ask all clients to be very specific and post as many details as they can on their issues so we can help them with few answers.
    Chit chat is not something we do.
    We only help with PHPVibe, bundled players & ffmpeg are not part of our support.
    Basic coding level is required, we won’t teach you how to edit html/css.
  • Please know we are a medium web development company and our products are not our main activity. At times we may not be able to provide support (especially during summertime) due to working for 3rd party contractors.
  • As legal agreement PHPVibe comes with no support included in your purchase. However we strive to help everybody as fast and as much as we can.

Our goal is to provide a great product which saves our customers $$$$, not services.
Simple: Buy, own, develop your website, we will serve you improvements!

We highly recommend hiring a freelance developer/ development company to modify PHPVibe for you if you do not have the skills required.
We believe every website should be one of a kind, and encourage you to make your website profitable by not limiting yourself just to our framework cms. PHPVibe is really easy to modify and style, and you can achieve an amazing website based on it!

What we guarantee for your purchase

– Continuous development.
– Updates and fixes for confirmed bugs.
– Players (we don’t build them) periodical upgrades for the cms integration.
– Lifetime availability for license.
– Unlimited downloads for purchased software
– Cheap prices for upgrades (after the upgrade period expires)

What we don’t offer

– Server (hosting) setups and installations
– Anything “ITis” that does not relate to code
– FFMPEG installations
– Help with 3rd party plugins/themes purchased from another seller

Paid Services

We offer custom modifications as part of MediaVibe’s development starting from 500 euro, pre-negotiated with our sales department.
Note: We’re usually booked at least 2-3 months in advance.

Our community

(a) Anyone can register and participate in our community.
(b) We are very transparent about our products and services and this can be clearly seen in our forums.
(c) Our community has several private areas for customers only. As a customer you will receive access to those areas if you apply for a ‘Verified Client’ account.
(d) All customers are eligible to become Verified Clients which grants them access to those private areas. This right is provided only as a bonus service and it is not guaranteed when you purchase our products.
(e) PHPVibe reserves the right to refuse any new ‘Verified Client ‘ submission or to cancel any existing ‘Verified Client ‘ accounts if our license agreement or terms are not respected.
(f) Please make a clear distinction between our support and custom web development, we do not offer custom web development, but offer issues/bug fixing!
PHPVibe and all MediaVibe’s products are sold as they are and with limited support.
(g) The free access to the support forum can be revoked if you break the rules or have an unacceptable behavior.

Any abuse attempts are taken seriously and may result in the loss of all customer rights depending on the severity.

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