If you’re having trouble deploying our cms, one of our developers can install it on your server for a service fee of $20.
Please know your hosting has to have ALL the requirements listed here.
We are not responsible for problems surveyed in the cms’s functionality if your hosting doesn’t meet all requirements.
When it comes to requirements please ask your hosting if they have them, not us!


If you have to install a larger upgrade and you don’t quite understand what to do we can offer this service at the price of $20.
Please check if your hosting has ALL the requirements listed here (in case they’ve changed between editions).

Custom development 

We can provide all kinds of design and functionality customizations and new features for your website.
Custom themes can be created also, from existing skeleton or brand new.
Please know we do not take very cheap development jobs!

Mail us for any of the services 

Please choose a very descriptive title for the email. Ex: “Custom theme” or “Custom job for video page”.
We sometimes receive hundreds of emails daily.

No custom service is mandatory until discussed and accepted by our team.
Depending on the period we may or may not accept it!

Thank you for your understanding!