PHPVibe : Video CMS

The modern choice for your video portal

PHPVibe takes care of the many needs your new video portal will challenge you with!

Bundled with html5 upload and ffmpeg conversion engines plus fast bonuses like the Youtube, Vimeo and Vine importer.
An solid framework inspired by WordPress, ready to backup your every fast coding needs, powers the PHPVibe video and multimedia cms.

Built for premium users…mainly

Online videos are a growing and very profitable niche.
If you plan a video website for video uploads, video blog, corporate video platform or simply wish to own a piece of the wide video market,consider PHPVibe as your start point.
It has standard and included many of the features which around the web cost $$$ in plugins.
It also have an very affordable pricing schema, where you never have to pay the same price again for upgrades or extra domains.


Ready to be modified and extended

PHPVibe is 99.99% open source and allows you to edit and modify every part of this video script.
Built with PHP, mySQL, Jquery and styled with CSS.

The framework for your next video website

No matter what you look for into for your video website PHPVibe can fit into that plan saving you thousands in custom development.
We all know is easier to pay some customization to a freelancer or an development company than have them build us an custom website (specially one with so many feature requests as a video website).

Uploading, converting or just embedding videos?

PHPVibe can do all of them and allow you to turn off the other features that you don’t plan to use.
Can be used with Youtube (or other videos from big portals), your own uploaded videos, your user’s videos, and also convert them via FFMPEG you your chosen size.

Yours and yours only

PHPVibe is a self-hosted solution! You get all the code to host it yourself, develop and modify it as you please.

That YouTube feel

The PHPVibe template follow a successful model: YouTube!
Without actually copying there design we where able to reproduce pretty much of that feeling which drives billions to Google’s giant video portal.

Social, because we live in the social era

The cms behaves pretty similar to a social network, tracking user activities and building an interactive user profile. The much needed “like” and “follow” options are fully available.


The Brasil theme is even more social

Test it, and enjoy it

Thank you very much for your interest in PHPVibe!
We invite you to give it a try!