Patch 9 for PHPVibe 5

4 Jan 2017

Patch 5.09 was released addressing some of the issues reported:

  • Upgrades Facebook login SDK
    Upgrades Google login SDK
    Upgrades VideoJs to version 5.15.1
    Upgrades JwPlayer to version 7.8.7
    Prevents registration without a recaptcha
    Fixes Maintenance switcher in Admin’s Settings
    (For non-admins, in the event of a locked out please use Utilities -> Maintenance disabler)

To apply the patch follow this 3 steps:

  • Redownload PHPVibe and extract the cms’s archive. Find the folder /Util – Patch to 5.09
    Remove the folders fb and google in /lib/ folder (to avoid conflicts).
    Upload the folder’s content and overwrite the existing files.

Settings change:

If you run PHP 5.5+ the cms will log you out when refreshing or changing your user details.

This is because mcrypt requires 16, 24 or 32 key sizes.

So please open Settings -> Logins and change the value under “Secret encryption salt” to have this many characters.

You can use to generate a totally random string to paste.

Important notes:
– Always backup first
FOR OLDER SITES with modified footer and working recaptcha key:
This will replace tpl.footer.php a heavily modified file usually.
To stay safe remove /tpl from the Patch folder


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