Installing PHPVibe

There is a Troubleshooting at the end of this tutorial. Please also check it!

To install PHPVibe you need to follow few steps:

Step 0: Requirements

Make sure your hosting has all the requirements to run PHPVibe.

Step 1: Config details

Edit the file vibe_config.php in the product’s folder with your database details, site url (don’t forget the ending slash) and license key. We recommend Notepad++ setup to UTF-8 no-bom (under Encoding).


Step 2: Upload it

Upload the content of the product’s folder (the CMS, not all the content in the archive!) to your root or folder on the server using your favorite FTP manager.

Step 3: Setup

The setup manager is pretty straight forward and lets you know of all the issues and steps needed.
Here are the main:
– Folders chmod
– Database setup
– Administrator account creation

Step 4: Crons (optional, needed only for Youtube auto-import)

– Chmod 0555 cron.php (execute permissions).
– Add  cron.php to your system crons.
– for cPanel see here and/or here
– for Plesk see this forum post and/or video
– for different hosting panels you can google “{you panel’s name} cron job” to find out how.

Step 5: FFMPEG configuration (optional)

– Chmod 0555 the file videocron.php
– Add the ffmpeg command and path to your php bin under Settings -> FFMPEG Conversion (if it’s not ffmpeg, but something else like /usr/bin/ffmpeg)
– Make sure you add the right bin path for your php, the qualities desired, and check the ffmpeg commands for each (or edit them as you please).
In case you wish to make changes to ffmpeg, you can do this from the administration.

FFMPEG Options

Step 6: Youtube API

To make Youtube link embeds work & also the Youtube importer get your Youtube API v3 server key by registering an Youtube app.
Youtube no longer allows access to their info without this step.
Please check this video for a step by step overview of Google’s developers console

Step 7: Google & Facebook logins

Getting Google login credentials (video from 2:16)

Redirect url: {insert your site url}/callback.php?type=google

Getting Facebook login credentials/creating app (video)

Redirect url: {insert your site url}/callback.php?type=facebook

You’ll also need a recaptcha key for your local registration to work. You can easily get it from Google’s Recaptcha.

That’s it!


A video walk trough the steps (open video on Youtube).

For details, help, tricks, etc, please verify your forum account in order to get access to the PHPVibe support forums.


1. Links/login/pages not working:
– Make sure you upload and overwrite the .htaccess file in the PHPVibe root.
– Make sure you use Apache (else rewrite the rules for your server via a tool online) and that mod_rewrite works (AllowOverride check)
– Make sure if you upload it in a folder that you change the RewriteBase / to /your-folder-name in the main .htaccess file, and then under Administration -> Settings -> Permalinks you add your folder name as BasePath for the links.
– If you can’t find an .htaccess in the patch, go to your file manager and check the settings that allow you to see system, dot, hidden files.
– Most times servers generate a blank .htaccess file, make sure you overwrite it with the one in PHPVibe’s pack!
2. Video not working, video stuck on processing or ffmpeg fails. Help is here : Video uploads issues
3. Cannot upload large files. Help is here : Server settings for large file uploads
4. Uploaded video not working. Help is here: Uploaded video not working on PHPVibe / Missing Video/ FFMPEG debug
5. Can’t create accounts/administrators: Your MySql is in safe mode.
This is probably caused by the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES SQL mode defined MySql. Removing that setting and restarting MySQL should fix the problem.
You should probably contact your server administrator as it will require a manual edit to the mysql cnf file on server via ssh.(/em>
6. Pages returning 404 from time to time, weird blockages on upload, sessions being killed : Disable mod_Security on the account.
7. Dates are incorrect.
Set the timezone to yours.

/** Timezone (set your own) **/

You can get your timezone from PHP : List of Supported Timezones.
8. Logging off when updating profile. Go to Settings -> Logins and find this block Secret encryption salt (Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported), make sure your random key is 16, 24 or 32 characters long.

We use (just cause many clients ask!):
PHP Version is now 7.

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