Installing PHPVibe

To install PHPVibe you need to follow few steps:

Step 0: Requirements

Make sure your hosting has all the requirements to run PHPVibe.

We use (just cause many clients ask!):

Step 1: Config details

Edit the file vibe_config.php in the product’s folder with your database details, site url (don’t forget the ending slash) and license key. We recommend Notepad++ setup to UTF-8 no-bom (under Encoding).


Step 2: Upload it

Upload the content of the product’s folder (PHPVibe 4/CMS – Upload content/) to your root or folder on the server using your favorite FTP manager.

Step 3: Setup

The setup manager is pretty straight forward and lets you know of all the issues and steps needed.
Here are the main:
– Folders chmod
– Database setup
– Administrator account creation

Step 4: Crons (optional, needed only for Youtube auto-import)

– Chmod 0555 cron.php (execute permissions).
– Add  cron.php to your system crons.
– for cPanel see here and/or here
– for Plesk see this forum post and/or video
– for different hosting panels you can google “{you panel’s name} cron job” to find out how.
Step 5: FFMPEG configuration (optional)
– Chmod 0555 the file videocron.php
– Add the ffmpeg command and path to your php bin under Settings -> FFMPEG Conversion (if it’s not ffmpeg, but something else like /usr/bin/ffmpeg)

In case you wish to make changes to ffmpeg, you can do this from the administration.

FFMPEG Options

FFMPEG Options

Step 5: Youtube API

To make Youtube link embeds work & also the Youtube importer get your Youtube API v3 server key by registering an Youtube app.

Step 6: Google & Facebook logins

Getting Google login credentials (from 2:16)

Redirect url: {insert your site url}/callback.php?type=google
Getting Facebook login credentials/creating app

Redirect url: {insert your site url}/callback.php?type=facebook

That’s it!


A video walk trough the steps:

For details, help, tricks, etc, please verify your forum account in order to get access to the PHPVibe support forums.


1. Links/login/pages not working:
– Make sure you upload and overwrite the .htaccess file in the PHPVibe root.
– Make sure you use Apache (else rewrite the rules for your server via a tool online) and that mod_rewrite works (AllowOverride check)
– Make sure if you upload it in a folder that you change the RewriteBase / to /your-folder-name in the main .htaccess file, and then under Administration -> Settings -> Permalinks you add your folder name as BasePath for the links.
2. Dates are incorrect.
Set the timezone to yours.

/** Timezone (set your own) **/

You can get your timezone from PHP : List of Supported Timezones.
3. Cannot upload large files. Help is here : Server settings for large file uploads
4. Uploaded video not working. Help is here: Uploaded video not working on PHPVibe / Missing Video/ FFMPEG debug
5. Can’t create accounts/administrators: This is probably caused by the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES SQL mode defined MySql. Removing that setting and restarting MySQL should fix the problem.
6. Pages returning 404 from time to time, weird blockages on upload, sessions being killed : Disable mod_Security on the account.

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