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Registration Agreement

The PHPVibe support is offered as a free service in gratitude for purchasing our software(s).
We do not guarantee or obligate to comply with requests or tolerate any form of attitude that may affect other clients or our support crew.

I). General forum rules:

Forum language: All forum posts must be written in English in order to obtain a reply. The only tolerate language besides English is Romanian. Use of Google Translate is tolerated, but it may not give you the answer you seek due to faulty translation.
Forum purpose: this forums serves as a support board for the software released by MediaVibe, all topics relating to other software or integration between our software and other products, or products comparisons will be treated as off-topic and removed.
Sharing or requesting downloads and items in the forum, by posting or private messages is strictly prohibited. Please use the report button on every private message that asks you to do so.

II). Support terms & rules:
The software support is offered continuously but not day by day, there may be days or periods when the support team is not working due to other obligations the company has.
Weekend support is not available. Workdays are Monday to Friday.
Pushing and over-bumping is not allowed within the community, please wait for you thread to get an answer and DO NOT message everybody and send 10ns of mails with the same question. It will NOT speed anything up! None of the developers checks their private messages first, those are usually the last place we check after going trough the threads! E-mails sent at pre-sales are checked once or twice per week by a programmer(if!).
The support crew is here to help clients with: setting up PHPVibe, understanding the options, small coding modifications, pointing files and giving an general idea on how to achieve modifications, give coding advice. Also to gather feedback and suggestions for further developments.
The support crew is NOT here to: configure servers and hosting accounts, teach coding, create custom builds based on PHPVibe, build plugins and custom functions/code for you.
Please make an clear distinction between support and web development, we are not here to offer web development! PHPVibe and all MediaVibe's products are sold as it is/they are, the free access to the support forum can be revoked if you break the rules or have an unacceptable behavior.

Also, in very simple words: You don't own or obligate our developers in any way to serve you by simply buying our software (as some seem to believe).

Welcome to the PHPVibe (premium video CMS) community!