[accordion] [acc_item title="Does PHPVibe work on {insert name} hosting?"]

Thank you for your interest in PHPVibe, but we cannot answer this question for you.

You should adress this to your hosting company and provide them the PHPVibe requirements.

Important : PHPVibe will not work on FFMPEG < 1.x , common builds used by webhosters are 0.6 and 0.7 which is way to old to use with PHPVibe!

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General MediaVibe product inquiries should go here. We can explain you what you need to know specifically about PHPVibe.

PS: Do not use this for code/hosting issues/questions, use the dedicated support boards.

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[/acc_item] [acc_item title="I'm a client and I need help"]

We’re here to help but please understand that PHPVibe uses forum boards for support. Coding questions/Support should go there so that they are answered by a PHPVibe developer. Please do not send questions by form/mail or Facebook, they will be received by the MediaVibe general support and they can’t help you with coding/build specific issues.

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